Eastern Ontario Crop Conference - Tuesday February 13th, 2018


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Forecasting Tools

Development of monitoring tools, which will help plan timing of field work and with the management of tile drain control structures.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones
Sandra Mancini
Sandra Mancini

Precision to Digital Agriculture

Farm data and ability to provide value and information.
John Fulton
John P. Fulton

Corn Nitrogen Management

A look at the complex nitrogen management decisions brought about by increasing economic and environmental pressures, along with new technologies and products.
Emerson Nafziger

Disease Decisions

Disease cost you money! Which diseases matter, what to do about them in 2018 and more.
Albert Tenuta
Albert Tenuta

Soybeans: Capturing the Full Potential

Latest research to take your soybean yields to the next level: fertility, field rolling, foliar fungicides, and high yield management strategies.
Horst Bohner
Horst Bohner

Environmental Stress Tolerance

How to build crop resilience by using rotations, cover crops, soil management and tillage.
Dave Hooker
Dr. Dave Hooker

Ag Census 2016

An overview of the Ontario farmland landscape and a look at trends and opportunities identified in the latest census.
Stephen Duff
Stephen Duff

Western Bean Cutworm

What have we learned and what do we still need to know and do to better manage this pest in Ontario.
Tracey Baute
Tracey Baute

Persistent weed mngt: expel, exploit or execrate?

All farmers battle with stubborn, tenacious weeds. Get tips on how to best manage common problem weed.
Mike Cowbrough - Speaker
Mike Cowbrough

Market Outlook

Grains and oilseeds outlook and marketing strategies for 2018.
Stephen Kell
Stephen Kell