Eastern Ontario Crop Conference - Tuesday February 12th, 2019

Duane Falk

Duane Falk

Duane Falk



Raised in cattle and grain country of southcentral Montanaz

BSc in Crop Science, Montana State University

MSc in Agronomy, Montana State University

PhD in Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding, University of Guelph


First real job: Barley Breeder with Canterbury (NZ) Malting Company, Christchurch, NZ, using the Doubled Haploid technique to develop new malting barley varieties.

Best job ever:  Cereal Breeder at University of Guelph for 30 years, working primarily in spring barley, winter barley, and oats. Focus on breeding new varieties adapted to Eastern Canada with improved yield, lodging resistance, broad-spectrum disease resistance and grain quality.  Also teaching courses at undergraduate and graduate level in agronomy, genetics, and plant breeding.

Current ‘job’:  Professor Emeritus at University of Guelph, and Chief Scientist and Head Breeder at Mimosa Breeding and Research near Hillsburgh, ON.  Main emphasis on spring and winter malting barley, oats, and potatoes.

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