Eastern Ontario Crop Conference - Tuesday February 12th, 2019

Karon Cowan

Founder of AgTech GIS
Karon Cowan - AgTech GIS

Karon Cowan

Founder of AgTech GIS


Karon Cowan launched AgTech GIS in 1995 to provide tools, information, support and training services to the ag industry using GIS and web based technologies. AgTech GIS has a 20+ year history promoting products from Ag Leader Technology and other leading brands with recent addition CropTrak, always promoting solid tools to get quality data into the hands of decision makers.

More than just a software reseller, Karon is a front line user of ag-specific GIS software products to communicate soil sampling information,  yield maps, imagery analysis, field level topographic data and variable rate application prescriptions. Karon’s career focus has been to develop data and customer competency for growers, consultants and local agri-businesses through a personalized training approach.

Karon teaches the Precision Ag Course Lab section and Intro to GIS at University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus

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